Greetings.  I want to personally thank you for taking the time to explore this website and for considering to use me for your speaking needs.  Be sure to visit A Mission page because that’s what it’s all about; the mission.  You can read through some endorsements there and contact me for inquiries as well. 

I believe we have the power to speak death or life into everyone and every situation we face.  I use the platform I have been given as a graduate of Princeton University and a former NFL football player to speak life; to encourage and lift up everyone I come across.

It is a great honor and joy to stand before crowds and breathe life into them by encouraging them, no matter the age or make-up, to make better choices; choices that lead to healthy habits and true character; in short, to be the voice and not the echo.

I would consider it a privilege to come along side principals, educators, youth workers, and men’s groups in this mission, challenging this generation to make decisions that lead to life.

The world needs real men and true heroes.  Are you ready to answer the call and pick up the banner?

Keith Elias